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ADA Compliance provides that web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies .


  • An historic supreme court judgment last year caused a surge in website owners being sued for non-compliance with ADA​
  • 1,500+ legal cases related to non-accessibility compliance in new york alone in 2018 . . .
  • More than 10,000 websites sued in 2019 for their website not being ADA compliant. This number is expected to hit 100k by next year – 2020.
  • Unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a company for non-compliance.
  • Visit the ADA website at this link to read why you have to enter ADA Compliance https://www.ada.gov/pcatoolkit/chap5toolkit.htmIf you ever thought that the blind, deaf and physically challenged don’t use the internet or shop online just like you do then you need to have a RE-THINK!

    Having your website/web contents ADA compliant gives you an easy ‘Foot In The Door’ into this multi-billion dollar disability market!  This link to the ADA Took Kit will help your business’s website meet ADA Compliance. https://www.ada.gov/pcatoolkit/chap5toolkit.htm

    This tool kit is readily available and discusses the mandatory actions imposed by the Federal Government.  Your business and its website can benefit from the huge market of those with disabilities.  Act Today by requesting a free assessment of your website’s ADA Compliance.

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Yes, it is mandated by the ADA


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